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Proliga Live Streaming – Aside from football, sports that use a ball as the media is a volley ball. Ball volleyball is a sport played by two teams with each team consisting of 6 core players. Historically ball volleyball, the sport was first played in 1895 in Massachusetts, United States.

Volley ball sports are often played on indoor and outdoor courts. In addition, exercise also has a volley ball game variations, the beach volley ball. Historically volley ball, volley ball game has a stem that houses this sport.

Parent volley ball sports within the scope of the world, the FIVB (Federation International de Volly Ball). Meanwhile, volley ball organization in Indonesia that overshadow this sport is PBVSI or The National Volleyball Federation of Indonesia.

The volleyball ball sport played by teams of men and women teams. Volley ball sport is not included physical contact sport. Historically volley ball, volley ball sport was first played in the arena of the Olympic Games in 1964.

Volly Ball Games history in Indonesia

Historically ball volleyball, Indonesia began to recognize this game from 1928 the Dutch colonial period. At that time, physical education teachers imported from the Netherlands to develop sports, especially volley ball game.

With the arrival of the physical education teachers, making volley ball game was developed in Indonesia. According to the history of volleyball ball, in Indonesia, the game was played indoors and outdoors and play volleyball was conducted among the Dutch colonists.

Historically volley ball, volley ball games is growing rapidly in Indonesia. it is characterized by the many clubs that have sprung volley ball. Therefore, to accommodate the aspirations and facilitating the volley ball games, formed an organization that houses volley ball game in Indonesia, namely PBVSI. Indonesia volley ball parent organization was formed on 22 January 1955.

The formation of the parent organization of Indonesia volley ball was followed by the implementation of the national championship in Indonesia volley ball first. Since then, PBVSI began developing volley ball championship game in Indonesia, for example Proliga competition.

Proliga a volley balls professional competition held annually in Indonesia. Proliga competition was first held in 2002, exactly starting from February 1 to 7 April 2002. The first competition was held alternately Proliga in Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Gresik.

The launch of professional volley ball competition Proliga Rita Subowo was initiated by the then Chairman PBVSI. Launching volley ball Proliga professional competition constituted a setback volleyball in Indonesia, particularly in terms of coaching, competition, and achievement. Therefore, to increase the popularity and achievements of Indonesia volley ball, professional competition with Proliga name.

That is a brief explanation of the history of volley ball in the world and in Indonesia. Hopefully the explanation of the history of volley ball can add to your knowledge. So, let’s play ball volley ball volley that became popular in Indonesia and of course produce a glorious achievement.

Updated: Thursday, May 5th, 2016
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