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The Indonesian Channel is the first Indonesian local TV stations that use English, the Indonesia Channel TV was launching last year precisely on June 2, 2014, Has the show interesting mix of programs specifically designed to inform and entertain viewers around the world. “The Indonesian Channel” (TIC) is a private television station that broadcast entertainment programs with current news and talk shows.

Two popular event of the broadcast The Indonesian Channel or (TIC), is the Hot Indonesia and also show The Best of Bali joined MHz Networks on March 14, 2015. This launch is a national television gait TIC in the United States.

Citing web MHz Networks, more than 44 million viewers will watch Hot Indonesia to at 11: 00 PM ET & The Best of Bali on at 11: 30 ET to HRI Saturday in MHz Worldview in all the United States.

We as citizens of Indonesia should be proud because one of the Indonesian television program now increasingly in demand citizens of the United States, viewers in the US have very fond of the travel program to do that the The Indonesian Channel and MHz Worldview just approved a contract fruit in the month of March 2015 is. Under the agreement approved, the state TV station USA MHz Worldview program will be broadcast to which is the Best of Bali and Hot Indonesia who will watch TV via the Internet and cable television networks in the country the United States with a population of 320 million people

Hot Indonesia show airing diverse topics selected news every week ranging from the serious to the light from the surrounding areas of Indonesia, while Best of Bali publish and broadcast the beauty and diversity of twists and diverse tourist locations in Bali. while for the Indonesian event is to channel the TV channel TIC of ground water that specially made to introduce the culture homeland against other local residents, this channel using the English language and has been shown in a wide variety of cable television in other countries like in SIngapore Starhub, UPC Netherlands & Nowtv Hongkong while in Indonesia can also be seen through Bigtv or in www.nicetvonline.com.

Updated: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
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