Cahaya TV Live Streaming

Cahaya TV Streaming – CTV Banten which stands Cahaya TV Banten is a local TV Banten province the first in Indonesia. You can watch Cahaya TV Banten on UHF channel 26 or via satellite palapa D (Frequency) 0392 (Polarization) V (Symbol Rate) 15802. You also can watch mobile with smart phones and tablets you in Cahaya TV Bantam Live Streaming.

Cahaya TV Bantam Live Streaming is still in the development stage has had a regular event are divided into several categories of events.

The first of course impressions News. There are 3 news shows every day that is ready to supply a variety of news not only from Banten province, but also from all over Indonesia and abroad. The third event was: Hallo Banten which of course will provide a variety of news about Banten, Indonesia Hallo, as well as Headline Channel that broadcast headlines internationally.

Cahaya TV Bantam Live Streaming also has three special musical events showing the work of children in the country. There are Hot Hits Ten (which is the most popular song charts the latest Indonesia); there are Hot Hits Nations Children’s Attention and chant. Then there are also impressions International’s most popular song and impressions songs from Asia, especially from Korea in Hot Hits International and Hot Hits Asia. Do not miss to your existing music fans Hot Hits Bollywood India.

Some religious event also aired Cahaya TV Bantam Live Streaming. There Tourism Hearts and Drug tausiyah Night is an event for Muslims and Christian community there is the Light of Love and Gentra Kahuripan wearing Sundanese language of instruction programs.

Cahaya TV Banten also has two entertainment events that set off from the local culture that comedy shows BAKEKOK (Banyolan Kesenian Komedi) and Puppet.

In addition to events internal production, Cahaya TV Banten also broadcast the event from its network partners are: impressions news from Bloomberg TV ANTARA TV and Indonesia as well as the latest musical impressions of MTV Indonesia. Visit also Elshinta TV Live.

Updated: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
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