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Antara TV Live Streaming – Antara TV is one of the new business unit of the News Agency Nusantara (LKBN) Antara which began full operation since 2006. ANTARA itself is a state that has a long history in its development and has an important role in the development of Indonesian media. You can watch Antara TV wherever you are and whenever using your Smartphone or tablet through ANTARA TV LIVE STREAMING.

News ANTARA which is the forerunner of ANTARA TV LIVE Streaming is one form of struggle some Indonesian people through the media. Through ANTARA News Agency, the hero is struggling media to spread the word about the Indonesian communities in various regions not only to fellow Indonesian society who are in other areas but also to many countries in the Dutch colonial era.

After independence, the news agency ANTARA in directs control of the president and become semi government institutions. ANTARA news agency before the emergence ANTARA TV LIVE Streaming work to collect and distribute various news not only from within the country but also abroad and distribute it to those who need it including television, print media, internet media and various government agencies.

In addition to searching for and distribute news to those who need it and run ANTARA TV LIVE STREAMING, ANTARA News also has a business in the field of TV Pooling very popular in the Election and Election. ANTARA news agency also conducts journalism training for journalists and the general public.

Events in ANTARA TV Live Streaming consist of several categories. The first category is certainly a news program (NEWS), and then there is the category of Talk Show (talk show), the next there is the category of documentaries, and feature categories.

In addition to displaying various events news agency Antara own production in ANTARATV Live Streaming, this TV also broadcast a variety of impressions that a production partner ANTARA news agencies from abroad including from REUTERS (International news agency of the UK), Bloomberg (from USA), AFP (from French), DPA (from the Netherlands), Xinhua (from China). For sporting events you can watch live streaming MNC SPORT.

Updated: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
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