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Alif TV Stream – TV Islamic AlifTV is the first in Indonesia mahaka media belong to a group that was first released in the month of Ramadan in 2010. You can watch TV using a network cable that certainly paid or watch online at Alif Streaming Online TV.

In AlifTV official website describes several things about the television station. The following elaboration. Alif TV declared that the station wants to be a window of inspiration for viewer’s mainly Muslim community in Indonesia. Alif TV hopes the programs can be enlightening for the viewers and the enlightenment can bring energy and enthusiasm to make viewers live and the environment to a more dignified life and harmony. Watch news shows or news of the TV streaming.

One of the events presented by Alif TV is expected to inspire RASAPEDIA. New event began airing several times this presents a variety of unique culinary coverage of the corners of our country, one of which coverage of pangganan coklat Tempe become a topic of discussion first episode.

AlifTV who has a vision of becoming a media that is able to bring renewal and nuances conditioning for the life of Indonesian Muslims tried to promote events that could remedy the hearts of viewers, can bring peace and solutions to the everyday problems faced by the Ummah. Certainly serenity and solutions that is un-Islamic.

Some events are aired by TV Alif which hopefully will be for the life of the ummah such conditioning Tausiyah on the street, A voice from heaven, Jumatan together Ustad, From behind the heart, friendship, and Heaven under mother’s feet.

AlifTV also serve a variety of events that is expected to be a survival guide from Muslim viewers. There ARE HALAL eating a serving various reports on kosher food as well as information about kosher food because Indonesia has a heterogeneous society with distinctive culinary respectively.

For women, there are two events that are expected to be a guide for female viewers in their everyday lives. Both events are: BE FASHIONABLE AND Soleha which invites viewers women know how to dress is supposed and a variety of tips to make the style of Muslim dress still looks charming. Then there ISLAMIC WOMEN event which gave guidelines for the viewers being women in work and family life.

Updated: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
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