Bandung TV Live Streaming

Bandung TV Live Streaming – Bandung TV was the first private local television stations in Bandung, West Java. Sundanese people as a place of creativity, Bandung TV show program focuses on efforts to enlighten the community in all aspects of life with cultural arts foundation. The focus of art and culture have been the pivot of life that drives social and economic dimensions. With the effort to revitalize the West Java region identity, constancy of the Republic of Indonesia in diversity will be realized.

This station can be accessed through UHF channel 38. Catchphrase “Jati Diri Pasundan” intended to revive efforts to cultural values ​​and local potential contained in West Java in general and London in particular as the provincial capital. Logo Bandung TV woke up from several elements, Kembang Cangkok Wijayakusumah, Kujang, posts BANDUNG is manunggaling Tangtu Tri Buana, namely the Rama, the Rishis, and the Queen, or the essential unity of human nature linuhung successive compassion, penance grindstones, as well as foster reparation.

Updated: Friday, September 5th, 2014
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