Kita TV live Streaming Online Indonesia

KitaTV.com is an Internet-based TV broadcast through internet connection. Viewers can watch the opening KitaTV.com http://www.KitaTV.com website through a browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, and other browsers), and also through a variety of smartphones (Blackberry, Android, Symbian, and iPhone), which will automatically redirect to http://m.KitaTV.com address. KitaTV.com so he could watch / accessible from anywhere, and at anytime too, of course 🙂

KitaTV.com audience segmentation is a B to B +. KitaTV.com with its tagline is your KitaTV.com TV streaming music, producing his own show programs, which focus on various genres of music program.

In addition, there KitaTV.com INDIE menu that contains video clips video clips of the band’s indie-soil water, which proves that KitaTV.com supports Indie music in Indonesia. TV BOX menu containing news of KitaTV.com, music, games, movies, events, and so forth.

Updated: Thursday, July 17th, 2014
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