DMC TV, Digital Music Channel Live Streaming Indonesia

DMC TV Live Streaming – New Channel on satellite palapa located at 4050 frequency 3331 vertical is dedicated to dangdut music enthusiasts, Korean, and Indonesian Pop. Currently tv mpeg2 format is still in the experimental release, so wait on the game. Missed by typical Indonesian music like dangdut and the like? Now the DMC TV channel’s music you can enjoy anywhere and anytime

DMC TV Live Streaming

DMC TV Live Streaming This time the Indonesian satellite will talk about the new dmc tv frequency. Which will be written of this page is the latest dmc tv frequency and there may still be people parabolic satellite users do not know the frequency.

Indonesia Satellite write this information because there also were asked how frequently dmc tv. This indicates that not all users of satellite dish receivers equipped blind scan or no one yet knows how to blind scan any satellite receiver dish.

DMC TV Live Streaming DMC Indonesia itself provides musical events, and the majority of dangdut music as well as India. So do not be in doubt if the channel DMC Indonesia’s many seek. And the frequency number dmc tv sometimes need to be able to lock in the channel. read to Indosiar TV Online Streaming Indonesia

For those who need a frequency code dmc tv channel please refer to the technical data of the data under

Data Keterangan
Satelit Palapa D
Transponder 3932 V 15800
Frekuensi 3932
Polarisasi V
Simbol Rate 15800
SID 0002
Nama Siaran DMC TV
Tipe Siaran Digital Television
Jadwal Siaran Tersedia
Video MPEG2 Video
PID 711
Tipe Stream MPEG2 Video (ITU-T Rec. H.262 | ISO/IEC 13818-2 or ISO/IEC 11172-2)
Audio MPEG Audio
PID 731
Tipe Stream MPEG Audio (ISO/IEC 11172)
Updated: Saturday, July 12th, 2014
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