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World Cup or FIFA World Cup is a football competition the largest and most prestigious road in the universe , which features games prestige compete on the gridiron . Event to international football competition was followed by the son of the senior national team from all parts of the world , which are incorporated into members of FIFA ( Fédération Internationale de Football Association) .

As for the implementation of the 2014 World Cup games will be held in Brazil , followed by 32 national teams collide in this competition . And divided into 8 sections groups : Group A , Group B , Group C , Group D , Group E , Group F , Group G , and Group H.

A national team that will compete are: Japan , South Korea , Australia , Iran , Nigeria , Kamerun , Ivory Coast, Ghana , Algeria , Brazil, Argentina , United States, Uruguay , Colombia, Chile , Ecuador , Costa Rica , Mexico, Honduras , France , Italy , Germany , Holland , England, Croatia, Portugal , Russia , Belgium , Switzerland , Bosnia- Herzegovina , Greece and defending champion Spain.

For those of you who love the sport of football might not want to miss the latest updates surrounding the world cup trophy competition . And we will provide more information around the world cup schedule 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil from half the group phase , 16 large , 8 large , quarter-finals , semi-finals and final of today’s latest update 2014.

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