LBS TV Movie Channel Live Streaming

LBS TV Movie Channel – Surely already knows, or no one knows about the presence of this one tv station. LBS television station called TV started broadcasting debut around October / November 2010. LBS TV stands for TV Broadcasting System Lejel Indonesia. From the name, Lejel, there are definitely imagined about the various cosmetic products, kitchen, and so on. Happy Call product you know? Well, the manufacturer named Lejel Home Shopping. Lejel Home Shopping TV that is having LBS.

LBS TV has 3 units, namely LBS TV Drama, TV Movie LBS, LBS and TV Food and Life. For those of you who like Korean dramas, witnessed LBS TV Drama containing various Korean dramas starting at 5:00 to 00:00 pm. Drama which aired quite interesting, but tend to play old school because under the 2008 drama. For those who like Korean movies, watch LBS TV Movie and thankfully the film that aired on average over the year 2007. All LBS TV shows wear and not wear subtitle language dubbing voice, so we can hear the original voice of the actors / actresses.

Updated: Friday, October 4th, 2013
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