Banten TV Online Live Streaming

Banten TV indonesia – Banten TV is the first local television station in the capital city of Serang Banten Province. Banten TV On-Air starts since August 28, 2006 which was then designated as the official birthday of the station.

Nowadays Banten TV broadcast hours are 20 hours a day, and will continue to be increased again. Along with the increase in broadcasting hours, the increase is also being done well and picture quality for broadcast.

As a local TV station, Banten TV program focusing on Information, Education and Entertainment, needs and interests of viewers in the broadcast program that put more emphasis on local nuances that involve the audience as much as possible such as interactive programs and activities Off-Air event to strengthen the penetration of society.

Segment of the audience over to C1, C2, D and E classes cause the majority of viewers in this region is more classified as lower-middle class.

Banten TV viewers have a unique characteristic: Religion, high loyalty to the Culture, Dynamic, open to foreign culture and have high solidarity basis, which is why in the manufacture of Banten TV program will involve the community as participants. sumber artikel: http://www.banten.tv/index.php/2013/06/06/677/

Banten TV Online Live Streaming

Updated: Tuesday, October 1st, 2013
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