STV Bandung Streaming Online

STV Bandung Streaming Online – STV is a local television station in Bandung, Indonesia. STV began broadcasting on March 18, 2005 at 34 UHF frequencies. Tagline STV is One Tune Hade, which can be taken literally one tune / good channel or can be defined as pronunciation (Wantun hade) dare to look good (in Bahasa Sunda, hade great meaning, Wantun means brave). STV is also affiliated with the Educational TV.

Since the date of March 18, 2011, no longer using the STV logo logo S or eliminated. instead, Logo STV STV is now just writing. The logo replacement is a form of STV Bandung as a local television station that is open, without any restrictions.

The television station is a network of Kompas TV . And starting on 9 September 2011, STV Bandung entire program will be filled by the Kompas TV show as much as 70 percent, and another 30 percent comes from STV . However, local content will be different from previous events STV Bandung. So most programs that STV Bandung is deleted.

STV Bandung Streaming Online

Updated: Friday, September 27th, 2013
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