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Daai TV live streaming online – At first DAAI TV is a television station that can only be reached by viewers Jakarta and Medan only in 2006, but this time the television is owned by the foundation of this can be seen both nationally and internationally using a television antenna unusual or through DAAI TV STREAMING ONLINE.

With the tagline “DAAI TV, Television Love”, trying to be consistent airing DAAI TV broadcasts containing values of love and good moral message in the form of impressions that are educative, informative as well as inspiring are based on three main mottos DAAI TV which is TRUTH, GOOD and BEAUTY.

DAAI TV shows that you can watch on TV STREAMING ONLINE DAAI divided into several categories.

The category AFAIRS CURRENT AND MAGAZINE, there is:

Halo Indonesia is a news show that lifting the humanist side, positive, inspiring full of various events in Indonesia and the figures who took part in it.
There is also the other side PORTRAIT who share community life with all applicable local cultural wisdom seen from history, environmental conditions, typical cuisine and a variety of other things.
ASIA KIRANA, impressions that will take us to know different cultures, people and interesting things from different regions of the continent ASIA.


Sahabat Alam is targeting young viewers to get to know nature more with all the information that is conveyed through this event
Bumiku One which is a show that wants to introduce science to young people with a variety of scientific experiments are under discussion.

In the category of Talk Show and Variety Show DAAI Streaming TV Online, there are:

Healthy cooking is performed by couples Erwin Parengkuan (radio announcer and famous MC) with his wife Jana who was known as the instigators of healthy living (healthy food) by the public.
Griya Creations will invite the audience to be creative to make beautiful ornaments to decorate the house of items that are not used anymore

For children, DAAI Streaming Online TV also has some cartoon impressions in accordance with its vision as:

Milly Molly,
Stella and Sam and
Knowsy Nina wants to know

That live streaming online of DAAI TV, you can also see other interesting events in Aswaja TV Streaming. May be useful and entertained.

Updated: Friday, September 27th, 2013
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