Bali TV on Line Live streaming

Bali TV Live streaming – Efforts to enrich the IME services Telkom RDC worked with Bali TV test local content , by making the TV broadcast Bali as one SpeedyTV content . Cooperation Agreement Bali Trial Streaming TV Broadcast on SpeedyTV signed SGM RDC Mustapa Wangsaatmadja and Director of ABG TV Bali Satria Naradha , Friday ( 27/1 ) and then in the Office of the TV Bali Denpasar , Bali . Cooperation aims to mutually utilize resources in developing streaming local content that can be enjoyed by audiences all over the country , even the world .

Mustapa Wangsaatmadja assess the agreement a major step forward for Telkom and Bali TV , because now not only Bali TV broadcasts can be witnessed by a person who is in Bali alone . ” Now Bali TV broadcasts can be watched by all the internet users , its reach is not just Bali and Indonesia but globally . Bali watched TV broadcasts from around the world can evoke longing for the tourists to come back to Bali , ” explained SGM RDC .

He predicted that the future prospects of all broadcast media will use the ICT facilities . It is a challenge for us , he says , is a matter of bandwidth . ” We should be able to provide an optimal service to get around the limitations of bandwidth . Expected to increasingly inadequate availability of bandwidth then we will be able to freely develop media services with better quality , ” he added .

Local content turned out to be quite popular content . Based on the data , SGM RDC said that since the end of December there was a trial or hit SpeedyTV increase traffic significantly , from about 170 thousand increase to approximately 265 thousand .

Director of ABG TV Bali Satria Naradha expressed his gratitude and appreciation for Bali TV has been given the opportunity to be part of the development of new services SpeedyTV local content . ” We are very fortunate to have this opportunity , Bali TV content that has such strong potential , which puts Bali as part of Indonesia and Indonesia in international gateway window can be accessed content from around the world , ” he said .

He asserted , is idealism Bali TV and TELKOM as national flag carrier in the field of ICT which will try to bring the nation of Indonesia to win the competition in the ICT business . ” Bali TV is ready to support , ” firmly Satria Naradha .

SpeedyTV is the internet service that provides content streaming live TV , radio , video , and live event ( live broadcast ) that is optimized to be played on terminals smartphone , tablet or PC using access connections Speedy , Flexi EVDO , and Telkomsel Flash . ( bns2 ) [sumber artikel: www.balipost.co.id]

Bali TV on Line Live streaming

Updated: Sunday, September 29th, 2013
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